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Decentralized acceleration towards regenerative living
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The Linear Economy
Since the industrial revolution, human civilization has experienced exponential growth. We have evolved from tribes to city-states to nation-states, establishing centralized structures and systems along the way to enhance our lives. Our current paradigm is defined by two main principles: 1) financial growth as the top priority, predicated on the belief that growth solves everything, even in extractive linear economies, and 2) the use of technology as humanity's tool to control and overcome nature.
This approach served us well for a long time until negative externalities began to manifest. Today, we can see these negative externalities everywhere, and we are already paying the price in terms of environmental and societal costs. These externalities are impacting our individual and collective health and well-being and have led to single points of failure in the various centralized systems we depend on. Financial, health, energy, and other crises have become more frequent and intense, recursively highlighting our fragility as a civilization. Humans and technology are increasingly seen as destructive to nature. Our societies have devolved into a zero-sum scarcity mindset, relying on band-aid solutions that exacerbate the problems. In short, the Metacrisis — the convergence of multiple, overlapping, and interconnected global crises — is a direct result of our 'growth with no consideration for consequences' paradigm. Under this paradigm, managing the Metacrisis necessitates increasing centralized control, leading to greater dystopia.
“The biggest challenge for our human civilization is our ability to build a harmonious regenerative relationship between humanity, technology and nature, and secure a hopeful and resilient future for all of us.”
The Antifragile Growth Mindset
It is time we constructively question our current paradigm. Can we build better, live better, grow better? At what point does repairing a system become more costly than creating a new one? What would a hopeful, non-dystopian future look like, and how can we build it?

This manifesto is an invitation to build a new paradigm. One focused on growth with positive externalities. One where resilience and anti-fragility are as valued as growth. One where growth is decoupled from the exploitation of consumers and the over-consumption of finite resources. One where humans, technology, and nature coexist harmoniously. One where humans are a regenerative force and embrace an abundance mindset. One where self-custody of bits and atoms returns ownership to individuals and communities. One where decentralized incentive models unlock coordination at scale.

We believe technology is an integral part of our human evolution and a feature of human ingenuity. We also recognize that humans are a part of and have an impact on nature’s ecosystems. We don’t need to destroy nature for technological innovation or growth, nor do we have to reject technology to live in harmony with nature. Nature itself is the most decentralized, regenerative, and anti-fragile system we know. The tools, frameworks, and technologies exist today to build digital and physical infrastructures that mimic natural systems and create positive externalities. We see AI and web3 as essential to this vision: AI for enhancing our system-thinking capabilities and web3 for decentralizing control and enabling coordination at scale.

applyWe possess the tools, frameworks, and technologies to do better. We should be consuming high-nutrient-density food, leveraging technology for comfort and convenience, reconnecting with nature to improve our mental and physical well-being, and living better and longer lives. Our societies should be a place of comfort, health and well-being in times of stability, and antifragile safe havens in times of instability.

We subscribe to Vitalik's d/acc thesis and the importance of coordinated intention. We believe that the biggest challenge for our human civilization is our ability to build a harmonious regenerative relationship between humanity, technology and nature, and secure a hopeful and resilient future for all of us.

We have years of history to learn from. Years of scientific evolution in studying nature and building technology, both physical and digital. Years of thought leadership across sociology, economics, and philosophy. Years of collective human experiences with various governance and economics systems.
Enter V DAO
If you're concerned about a dystopian future and want to make a difference, this is a place for you. If you're tired of our current paradigm's negative externalities and wish to help build a new one, this is a place for you. If you believe in web3's mission to unlock decentralized coordination, this is a place for you. If you value individual ownership and freedom, and dream of a hopeful future of harmony and resilience, this is a place for you.

Leave legacy systems and their failings at the door and join the V community.

V symbolizes convexity, another term for anti-fragility. V's mission is to build a highly aligned community of pioneers, creators, and builders, leading a paradigm shift towards decentralized, anti-fragile, and regenerative network states. We aim to build a network of interconnected self-reliant communities with self-custody over their food, water, energy, shelter, digital assets, and data.

The V community goals are to:
  • Provide a space for V community members to meet and collaborate, both virtually and in person
  • Create High Tech | High Touch | High Nature pop-up experiences where technology, nature, and community converge
  • Ideate and develop open source digital and physical d/acc solutions to build the network state


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